3 Types Of Customer Satisfaction Levels In CRM

Here are three types of customer satisfaction levels in CRM…..

In my previous article, I have talked about the definition of customer satisfaction and some of the benefits that you are likely to derive from an organization if you have a satisfied customer base.
I have made it clear in that article that customer satisfaction is an internal evaluation that compares pre-purchase expectation with what you actually get after you might have used particular products or services. In this article, therefore, I want to talk about the relationship between customer satisfaction and customer retention. Follow me as we look at this together.
Types of customer satisfaction levels
When we talk about the customer satisfaction level of your customers in any setting, it can be divided into three main categories. Let’s look at this together.
 customer satisfaction levels
#1 Resign as part of customer satisfaction levels
This is the kind of satisfaction that customers derive in an environment where they have no option than to use those particular products or services. A good example is a Private University where students that are camped in their school environment had no option than to buy products and services offered in the school. They are “satisfied” with what is been given to them.

#2 Stable as part of customer satisfaction levels
This is when the satisfaction level of a particular customer is manageable. The customers are just managing to get along and manage the service been provided. To some, it might even be because they are looking at what it will take to switch to another service provider.
#3 Progressive as part of customer satisfaction levels
This is when an organization is able to surpass the expectation of their customers. That is the ideal customer satisfaction level that organizations must strive for. They must be able to predict their customers’ next move and provide goods and services that meet up with the demand of customers.
The end result….
When your customers are satisfied, it will bring about commitment and trust. The emotional ones will remain with you as long as you are satisfying them. This will ultimately help you to retain your customers for life.
Action Point

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