How to get the very best out of customer interaction

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This article shows some of the ways you can get the best out of customer interaction…

If we want to define customer relationship management, we have to start from the arrowhead which is the customer. The customer plays a major role in CRM because that is the king you are trying to satisfy in the first place.
When we talk about a customer, it actually goes beyond the requirement to find out how many contacts or customers you have in an organization.
 customer interaction
You really need to identify who your customers are so as to know who they are and the information you need to have about them. 

It is also needed in order to identify the kind of information you would like to capture these customers and the organization.
It is when you have this information
that you will know how they can interact with you and you appropriately interact with them also.
In identifying your customers, you have to understand the different types of business units requires different types of business interaction.
The touch points that works for one business might not work for another. More so, the channel that works for a particular customer might not work for another.

That is why you have to plan your customer interaction wisely.
In setting up contact channels for customers, the three pillars of CRM, that is Marketing, Sales and customer service must work together to deliver a consistent customer experience.

 A customer

It can be defined as a party who is involved with the acquisition of the company’s goods and services and who is of interest to the organization.
A loyal customer as I have said in my previous article can be an individual, an organization or a group of loose individuals who are members of an organization such as Nigerian Union of Teachers (N.U.T) or Nigerian Union of Pensioners among others.
A comprehensive definition of a customer includes those that own products and services. The definition also covers the extended customer types such as households and membership groups who might be interested in your products or services.

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