/four major components of Customer Intelligence Cycle

four major components of Customer Intelligence Cycle


In this article, I want to talk about the four major components of Customer Intelligence cycle. When we talk about CRM Intelligence cycle.Customer intelligence cycle has to do with how you get as well as how you use the result of your analysis. So, let us look at the four main components of CRM Intelligence management cycle.

This is the first stage of CRM Intelligence  cycle. At this stage , the organisation tries to collect as many information as possible about their current and prospective customers,
Having this data will enable the organisation to know the patterns that are common to all their customers as well as the profitability level of each of their customers. This will also enable the organisation to know their campaign strategies that are working and the ones that are not.
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Another word for this aspect is Data Management Infrastructure,


Analysis of captured data is the next step in CRM Intelligence management cycle. At the Analysis stage, the organisation tries to look closely at the captured data using some algorithm in order to determine some patterns that are common to their profitable customers.
The Action stage of customer intelligence cycle, also known as Communication management Infrastructure is when the organisation now use the new knowledge that they have about their customers to shape their interaction with the customers. This will help the organisation to interact with customers and know what they are actually looking for in the organisation’ s product and services. They will also be able to develop new products and services based on customers feedback.
The Measure stage of Customer Intelligence Cycle Management is a continuous process. It is what helps the organisation to adjust their customer interaction process based on new realities.
The organisation will be able to adjust their process in order to suit what the customers are looking for in the organisation.


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