A closer look at customer channel evolution in CRM


If an organisation opens its office, there are three basic ways through which their customers can reach them.  These includes: coming to the branch office, through telephone and logging on to the corporate website.  Each of these access has its own subset methods that are used in handling customer contacts.

A well formulated CCE will offer a combination of these three channels in an integrated form.  In order to achieve this, organisation now have to combine people, process and technology in order to support customer experience.


Collaboration is a matter of degree, and the quantity of the soft ware and services used for collaboration only defines how comprehensive the collaboration will be.

One thing you should know about collaboration is that the price increases as the number of collaboration increase while collaboration can and should be implemented in a “build to fit” manner, the more collaborations an enterprise wishes to enable, the more critical the vendor’s support they will need in order to support customers interaction.

customer channel evolution

The multi – channel strategy focuses on innovation with different ration in design aspects and improving process efficiency. The next step in this evolution is the collaboration business networks.

The main focus of customer contact channel evolution is true collaboration.  This is the ability to engage customers and partners meaningfully for synergetic relationships and to facilitate many – to- many relationship network.


At the end of these lesson, we have been able to discover that:

  • Organisation’s normally reach their customers through: Physical Offices
  • Telephones and call centers
  • Cooperate website
  • CCEs normally integrate the three channels in order to serve their customers better
  • Collaboration cost will increase as the numbers of channels to be linked together increases.

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