What You Should Look Out For In A CRM Vendor



At the end of this lesson, readers should be able to:

  • Know the three types of options that are available when an organisation is planning to buy analytical software.
  • Know the benefits of real-time analytics
  • Knows the suppliers of analytical software.

When a particular CCE wants to implement CRM analytics, they have three options as far as a vendor that will supply the software is concerned.

  1. Buying a CRM Analytics software and customizing it in order to suit one’s purpose
  2. Some operational CRM in vogues now can now perform the work of analytics. They can support and report activities going on in operational software.
  3. The recent approach comes from marketing tools providers who now offers a standard analytics tool that has the ability to work with different applications.

One thing that I will advise is that it is very goods to build analytical software from scratch.  This will ensure:

  • Flexibility
  • Ability to choose from best of breed solutions
  • Achieving a true enterprise solution.

Buying also has its benefits:

  • Shorter implementation times
  • Adaptors for common back office systems
  • In-built analysis and most often pre-defined metrics for most businesses.

CRM Vendor

Real time analytics you should know updates data as it occurs with the customers, and marketers also use it for real time modeling to manage unstructured data, such  as untested marketing campaigns.

Real time analytics is also handy when organisations needs to respond to customers issue immediately.

There is also the use of lifestyle trigger alerts.  This helps the organisation to examine the lifestyle of their potential prospects and come up with exactly what they want.  This is said to represent a shift in marketing which will ensure a faster closure of deals.

The business that knows its customer best will serve them best.  The only thing that can allow an organisation to do this best is:  Customer-centric data mining.  It will allow the organisation to know their customer attributes and behaviours.  This understanding is the basis of any sound business forecast.

Some of the suppliers that are leaders in CRM Analytics software are:

  • SAS
  • Epiphany – real time engines for trigger alerts
  • – statistical work bench tool.
  • UNICA – maker of analytical direct marketing software
  • KANA – Neb based analytical tools.



  • There are three options when an organisation needs analytical software. The can buy one and customize, buy operational software that have analytical tools or buy marketing software that have analytical tools.
  • Benefits of building analytical software include: flexibility, best solutions, and true enterprise solutions.
  • Benefits of buying includes: shorter implementation times, adaptability and inbuilt analysis tools.
  • Real time analysis provide and support for marketing and sales efforts
  • It is useful for organisations that need to answer customers immediately
  • The business that knows its customer best will serve them best.

Some of the vendors for analytical software include:

  • SAS, Epiphany, SPSS, Unica and Kana.



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