The concept of crm intelligence management cycle

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In this article, I want to talk about four ways that organisations can use the result they gather from the CRM Data processing to their own advantage. This is often referred to as “CRM Intelligence Management Cycle”. Follow me as we look at this together.

#1 Collect
The collection stage happens when you collect all interaction data about your customers. I have said it before that collaborative CRM is what enables organisations to have direct interaction with customers. You are able to get feedback from a customers based on collaborative CRM. You need to gather all this data together so that they can effectively manage customer relationship.
crm intelligence management cycle

#2 Analysis
The purpose of analysis of data that you have gathered from your customer interaction channel is to understand customers behaviour and preferences so that you can provide them with the right product at at the right time.

It will also help you to understand operational factors that are likely to affect your business . Operational CRM has to do with how your front offices are carrying out their roles. This need to be analysed for efficiency.

We need to consider the financial factor as well. You want to be sure that your sales interaction and sales process as well as marketing do not involve activities that are not really needed.

#3 Action
After you have captured and analyse your process, there is the need for you to take action based on the result of your analysis. This includes implementation of  critical changes in your touch points based on the result of your analysis.

#4 Measure
Organisations need to measure the effectiveness and impact of its CRM activities in order to ensure that it is really helping you to achieve your CRM objectives. This is when you measure departments that falls within both front and back offices in order to be sure that they are really contributing to your CRM Success.

Action Point
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