The concept of Critical Path in Project Management

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If you have ever been to a construction site or a scene where project is going on, you will know that it is very possible for a project to have many directions. When we talk of a Critical Path in Project Management, that is the path that have the longest duration in a Project. It is a path that, if the work on that path is delayed, it will affect the ending date of the Project.


When you want to calculate the Critical Path in project management, or you want to know which of the activities on your project should not be delayed. You will need to look at the Earliest Start and Earliest Finish date of a project on one part, you will also need to look at the Late Start and Late Finish of the Project on the other side. The Path with the longest duration and no scheduling flexibility is the path that we can refer to as the Critical Path.

critical path in project management

A typical example of critical path in project management

Let’s say for example, you have a Plumber and Iron Bender working on a site, The Plumber has a duration of thirty days and the Iron bender has a duration of Forty five days. If their work is such that one is not affecting the other, that means the work of the Plumber can drag for extra fifteen days without affecting the finishing date for the project. If the work of the Iron bender is delayed, that means the work cannot be completed on schedule.

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