The use of the Critical Chain Method in Project Management

  How to use critical chain method in Project management….

The Critical Chain Method is a Schedule Network Analysis that allows you to consider resource limitations and adjust your project schedule as appropriate to work within those limitations.

critical chain method

Typical example of Critical chain method….


When you are making use of the critical chain method, you are trying to examine you resources and make sure there is a balance in your resource usage capabilities. Lets say for example you are embarking on a particular project with five staffs helping you out to acheive the goals.
You might look critically at the resources and you notice that one or two of the staffs helping out with this project has more job roles than the other staffs. You might decide to take the burden off the employee that is overloaded and ask employees that are less busy to assist him performing some of the tasks that he need to perform for this project. This will ensure that there is a balance in your resource usage. It can also help you to improve the finishing time for your project as well. 
Talking about tasks that needed to be performed for a project. You should know that there are some tasks that their finishing date will never change no matter the amount of resources that you add for the project. In this kind of task you can decide on whether to add more resources or not. The bottom line is that you should encourage team work among resources working on your project so that the work situation can be improved generally for the project.

The Critical Chain is established by analysing the critical path alongside the resources that are actually available. The critical chain method is also used to plan and manage reserves or buffers and helps mitigate possible cost and schedule risks.



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