How To Create User Password For Windows 7 OS

Here is a way that you create user password for Windows 7 OS

In this article, I want to talk about how to create a user password in Window 7 Operating System. This is also applicable to another type of Windows. I will tell you that if you are not considering the fanciful nature of other Windows, you should go for Windows 7 because it is more stable.


  1. Go to the “Start” button on the Windows and click on the ” Control Panel”. Then you will check the “User Accounts” Click “Manage Another Account”.


  1. Click “Username” where you have to change and choose “Password”. If you have already set the password before, the option will be ” Change your password”.

user password

  1. In the “Create Password for user‘s account window, type the password to be assigned to the selected and confirm the password.


  1. If a password is already assigned to the User Account you are trying to change, Windows will ask you to verify the current password.
  2. Click the Create /Change Password.

It is very important to use a password on your device to prevent unauthorized users from having access to your device. It has been stated that there is no password that cannot be cracked, the beauty of it is that it should take some time before it is been cracked. If you do not put any password, you will make it very easy for an intruder to have access to your device.



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