How to create communication management plans

Here are the ways to create communication management plans…


One of the most important aspect for a Project is communication. There is the need for a Project Manager to know how to carry Stakeholders along as he is executing his project. In this article, I want to look at some of the procedures that a good Project Manager must follow when he need to create communication management plans. Follow me as we look at this together.

communication management plans

#1 Contact information

The first thing that you need to when you are planning communication management plans is for you to have contact details of all your stakeholders. You must know the number to call or email to use when you need to communicate with any of them. Most at times, you may not have all the stakeholder contacts that you need at once. You can update it as you move on with the project.

#2 Determine communication needs

The next thing that you need to do when you are creating communication management plans is to determine the communication needs of all your stakeholders. You have to know those that need detailed information as well as those that need brief update about the progress of your project. You Sponsor for example will need more details than any other stakeholder on the project.

#3 Communication value

There is the need for you to analyze the value of communication in your project. You must know the reason why you need to tell stakeholders how far your project have gone. You will not want to complete a project only for one of your stakeholders to tell you that you have succeeded in doing rubbish. This will really help you to place premium on communication in your project.

#4 Constraints determination

There is the need for you to determine constraints and limitations that can affect the way you pass the right message to your stakeholders. If you are engaged in an I.T Project for example you have to know the Literacy level of all stakeholders working on your project. You don’t want to start sending email messages to someone that will not even open it to read at the end of the day.

Also in determining the communication technologies to adopt for your project, you have to know the immediate need for the communication. You also have to know the various technologies that are available to you. You need to assess your project team members and the level of their proficiency as regard the proposed technology. Also, you need to know if there will be any major change to the communication technology that you have adopted before the end of the project.

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