6 ways of creating activity list for projects execution

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Here are the ways to create activity list for project execution….




In my previous article, I have talked about the concept of Activity List in project management. In this article, I want to talk about how you can create activity list as a Project Manager. Follow me as we look at this together.

 activity list

Gather materials
One thing you should know about Project manager is that input from one activity is always used as input into another phase of the project. You have to gather input and resources materials that you will need for the subsequent phase of your project. This includes the work breakdown structure , the scope statement, the scope baseline , relevant historical material as well as constraints and assumptions for your project.

Work package
In developing Activity list for your project, there is the need for you to analyse and decompose each of the work package of the Work breakdown structure into activities that will be required to produce the deliverables.

There is the need for you to conduct brainstorming session with the project team in order to ensure that non of the activities required to acheive your deliverable is been overlooked.

When you are developing activity list, there is the need  for you to consult your scope statement. Consulting the scope statement will enable you to meet the project objectives at the end of the day.

In developing your project activity list, you also have to ensure that you conduct progressive elaboration  for work packages that cannot be defined at the beginning of the project. You have to create detailed activities for short term work breakdown structure work packages.

#1 Record
There is the need for you to consult record of similar projects to identify possible activities. You can consult past similar projects in order to identify important activities that you are leaking out at present.

#2 Consult subject matter expert
In preparing your project activity list, you need to consult Subject Matter Expert in order to get their input as far as your project is concerned. Consulting Subject Matter Experts will make their experiences available to you. This will help you to avoid pitfalls as you are preparing for your project activities.

#3 Constraints
There is the need for you to identify all constraints and assumptions for their possible impact on your activity definition. This may be factors that you have no  control over but you just have to know how you will manoeuvre them to your own advantage.

#4 Evaluation
There is the need for you to evaluate all the activities that you have already identified for the project. You have to be sure that the description accurately reflect the action that you need to perform in your project.

There is the need for you to also verify that the activity description are as accurate as possible. For example, if the activity is ” revise user manual” . You must use verb that will plainly describe what the activity set to acheive. This is needed so that every stakeholder are on the same page as far as the activity is concerned.

You have to confirm that the activities listed under each work package are necessary and sufficient for satisfactory completion of the deliverables.

You also have to verify that the list is organised as an extension of the work breakdown structure. All these activities you have listed in the work breakdown structure must be reflecting in the activity list.

#5 Activity attributes
There is the need for you to create an activity attributes for each of the activity in the activity list by determining who among your team members are responsible for each of the activities and the level of effort that is demanded in order to execute all the activities.

#6 Define milestone
There is the need for you to define the milestones in the project. You need to know those activities or important dates that need to appear in your project before you can say that your project is running as planned.

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