5 ways of cracking an unknown password in computer security

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Bypassing unknown password and login…



Password Cracking of forgotten password is the process of identifying and recovering a password that you have forgotten. It happens all the time. I want to tell you how to save the day and remember a forgotten password.


Do not forget that I said it in one of my articles that there is no password that cannot be cracked. The truth of the matter is that it should take some ample time before someone can guess the password that you have used. 



One of the ways of getting back an unknown password is guessing. You can always guess what you used as your password. Some use Date of Birth or other familiar details for easy remembrance of their password.



Another way of discovering an unknown password is through Brute forcing attack. When you are using Brute forcing attack, you refuse to take NO for an answer. That is why many websites always use a certain number of login attempts in order to prevent Brute forcing attack.


Brute forcing attack is when you use a combination of different character until you are able to discover the right login password. 


unknown password


Also, when you are using a Pre-defined password to discover a forgotten password, you are using a pre-defined list of words to have access to the account. This can be common English words that you feel you have used as a password. This work at times based on how far you have done your research.



When you are using shoulder surfing to discover a forgotten password, you are actually looking at the person while he or she is typing the password. That is why you have to ensure that nobody is looking at you when you are entering your password, not even your boss in the office.



Another means of recovering a forgotten password is through social engineering. This happens when you trick people to reveal their password or other information that can be used to guess the password. That is why you have to be very careful about what you disclose on social media.


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