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Hello everyone! Thanks for coming back to Crmnigeria. We are all aware of the rising coronavirus pandemic that has taken the world by storm. Daily numerous new cases, thousands to millions of deaths all over the world and a serious threat to all countries worldwide. 


We are all adviced to stay at home and practice good personal hygiene and social distancing, and report to the disease control commission if you notice symptoms, but how about a technological helping hand?
Canada’s prime minister, Justin Trudeau has announced that a new coronavirus tracking app will be launched by the country sometime in July and it is aimed at being a totally voluntary app due to privacy policies and private data involvement. 
Canada is set to introduce and launch a contact tracing smartphone app that will notify its citizens of exposure to the novel coronavirus and contact tracing of victims who have been involved with an infected person. 
Justin Trudeau emphasized that the app will be voluntary with no intention of intruding on individual privacy. The plot of the app is: If someone tests positive to coronavirus and has the app installed, other users who also have the app and have been in close proximity to the victim will then be alerted that they’ve been exposed to someone who has tested positive, prompting them to also get a test for earlier self isolation. 
Trudeau said, “At no time will personal information be collected or shared, and no location services will be used,”. 
This seems like a great relief and an easier coping mechanism for everyone in this pandemic, seeing as the world is so technologically inclined. 
Governments around the world have seems to be turning to smartphone technology in hopes to get more effective help in battles against fresh virus flare-ups as they ease lockdown restrictions. But issues such as technical problems and privacy policy concerns have ruined and slowed the development of virus tracing apps.
Health authorities in Britain recently announced that they are scrapping their initial plans to launch their own coronavirus contact tracing smartphone app due technical problems and difficulties and will now work on building one using technology supplied by the aid of Apple and Google.
Other European countries such as Switzerland, Germany, and Italy, are currently using a “decentralised” approach for the app’s based on the Apple-Google smartphone interface, which experts say is better for privacy because it keeps data on phones.
“We are learning lessons from what other people did around the world. This type of simple and anonymous application, that is entirely voluntary, will be extremely powerful in terms of helping us to reopen the economy safely.” Justin Trudeau said. 
Ontario, the country’s capital will soon begin testing the app which is being developed with the help of Canadian technology companies Shopify and BlackBerry. Apple and Google have recently put out major upgrades to their operating systems and the app will be tested and hopefully available in July.
Do you think this would be a good idea over here? Let me know and drop a comment below! 

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