How to use cookies to measure website statistics


Here are the Definition and use of Cookies



Cookies are small files which are stored on a user’s computer. They are designed to hold a modest amount of data specific to a particular client and website, and can be accessed either by the web server or the client computer. One of the other ways by which you can measure website statistics is through the use of cookies.  The use of cookies give something like a ticket to every traffic coming to your website.



The web analysis software always generate two type of cookies for every visitors visiting your website. They might be returning as either new or returning visitor.

I am now going to talk about the two type of it that can be generated for your website.

 measure website statistics

How to use Transient cookies to measure website statistics

In addition, when a visitor visits a website, it stores on visitors computer. They are always deleted whenever the visitors are leaving the website. This is been referred to as transient cookies.  They are not permanent in nature.  Transient cookies can be used as well to measure website statistics.

Use of Persistent cookies to measure website statistics

Whenever a visitor visit your website, there is a permanent one that are stored on their browser.  This used to monitor their subsequent visit to your website. This type of cookies will remain there until the time that it is been removed by such individual.

There are other types of cookies such as:

Use of First party cookies to measure website statistics

Furthermore, When a visitor visit a website for the very first time, first party cookies are loaded to their browser. It is used to indicate their visit to your website. This help you to have accurate statistics for your website. This type of cookie are only specific to your website.

Using Third party cookies to measure website statistics

So also, whenever a visitor visit your website, the cookies from other links that you have on your website such as banners, link, images, videos, e.t.c are stored on the visitor’s computer for analytics purpose.  Advert networks for example use cookies to know the number of people that clicked on their adverts. You can also identify users behavior in relation to the ads.

Some of the information provided by the user are now used in order to display targeted ads for that particular website. The cookie can help to know which type of ads always catch the attention of your audience.

Most website at times make use of first party cookies instead of third party own. This is largely due to laws that protect the privacy of users on that website.


Use of cookies is not that bad. You need to know that there are laws that requires that you have to disclose to your target audience that you are using cookies on your website. You can always have plugins that will display to your audience that cookies is been used to capture information. That will show that you are taking their privacy serious.


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