There is nothing as wrong as performing a particular task and you do not know when it has ended or when it is going to end. When you are performing a task , you should know how far you have gone. That is what warrants conversion statistics in web analytics.


In my previous article, I have talked about some of the indices that you can use to measure business success. I have also looked at how you can apply DUMB theory in order to measure website analytics . In this article, I want to look at five major things that you can look at when you are measuring the conversion rate on your website. Follow me as we look at this together.


New visitor

New visitors are measured based on new IP addresses visiting your website. This are counted on average to determine the percentage of new visitors that you are having on your website. It is also a pointer to the percent of first time visitors that are coming to your website at any given time.

 conversion statistics

Returning visitors

This has to do with the rate of visitors that are coming back to your website after their initial visit. You can use it to determine the level of satisfaction that visitors are deriving from your website. Therefore if the rate is 0%, you should know that you need to do some adjustment to your content so as to retain more visitors on your blog.


In doing conversion statistics, you should understand the concept of leads. These are potential customers visiting your website. They came to your website and show some potentials in your products or services. It might be that they took time to read your contents or downloaded your e-books. Whichever way, you need to follow up on these leads until they become customers.



In conversion statistics, conversion itself  has to do with visitors that came to your website and perform exactly what you want them to do. It varies from one site to another. My interest for example is for customers to click on my adverts and stay longer on my website. If they are doing exactly this, that means I am able to turn my prospects to customers at the end of the day.


Page exit ratio

This is the number of exit made from a particular page during a given period of time. This help you to know the exact page where visitors don’t go beyond before they leave your website. This can be a pointer to the fact that you need to make some adjustment on this page so as to retain more customers on your website.



We have talked about conversion statistics in this article. The bottom line is that you should have key performance indicator for web analytics. This will ultimately help you to assess your project and take necessary measures in order to come back on track. This will really help you to remain focused on your dreams.



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