The Conversion Stage Of The Buyer’s Journey

Analyzing The Conversion Stage Of The Buyer’s Journey


The conversion stage of the buyer’s journey is the stage when the consumer has done all his research and he is now convinced that he is going to purchase your products or services.  At this stage, the Marketer needs to create an interface that will allow the buyer to purchase the product.

Conversion Stage of the buyer's Journey

He also needs to create a platform that will allow the consumer to go deeper into the funnel. One of the major things that can be used here is promotional offers that are tied to time. At maximum, such should not be more than 48hours. You can also make use of promo codes that allow such consumers to buy such products at discounted rates.

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Most at times, consumers would have browsed the product page and choose products and add them to cart. This will let the Marketer know that such consumer is actively considering purchasing such products or services.


This will be a good opportunity to send her promotional offer, send her email to remind her about the abandoned cart and make use of re-targeter in order to show her ads that are related to the products she is actively considering. This can actually make the consumer continue and purchase such products or services.



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