A closer look at conversion rate in Digital Marketing

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What a conversion rate is in Digital Marketing…..



Conversion rate can be seen as the total number of visitors that visits a particular website on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. When you open a website or you have a product to sell, it is not all visitors that comes to the website that will ended up purchasing your products or taking the action that you desired . Those that performed what you want are the ones that are converted by you.

When we are talking about conversion in a website, you have to always consider the number of people that are taking the action that you desired. Most at times, you need to combine conversion with A/B Testing. It is a process whereby you make a change one at a time in order to retain customers or visitors on your website. This can be repeated until you have the desired result.

conversion rate


It is not all people who visit a website that can be referred to as customers. A visitor becomes a customer when he downloads your E-Book or he or she purchased one product or the other from your website.


There is the need for you that it is not that difficult to get visitors to your website. The main work begins when you need to turn visitors to customers.


The success of a website should not also be measured by the total number of visitors that visit the website . It should all be about how many of them ended up purchasing your products or services.


Above all, the ultimate goal of any website should be to turn every visitor to customers.


 Lets now talk about why we need conversion rate…

earlier in this article, I have talked about the concept of conversion rate. Conversion rate has to do with the rate at which you are able to turn visitors to customers. In this article m I want to look at why and how of conversion rates. Follow me as we look at this together.


If the rate of conversion is high m that is an indicator that more customers are purchase your products or services. If the rate is low, it means otherwise.

conversion rates


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How ?
Conversion rates can be measured by collecting all data about customers and visitors that are visiting your website or blog.
Conversion rates can also be calculated using a formula. It means :
number of goal achievement/ number of visits.



 Here some of the effects of confidence and intents of website visitors on conversion rate in any organisation.



When we talk about this aspect of conversion rate, most at times, certain percentage of the traffic does not belong to your website, they only arrive by mistake. If that is the case, they have no option than to leave.
Visitors intention
Most at times, not all visitors that comes to your website have the intention of buying one product or the other. Some are just doing Window shopping. At times m it is the intention of the visitor that will determine whether they will ended up buying a product or not.
Brand confidence
The confidence that you have in a product or service will also determine whether you will buy from a particular product or not. This at times boil down to Total Customer Experience. It is the confidence that you have in a E-Commerce store that will determine whether you will buy from them or not.

Another factor that will also affect Conversion rate for a website is Personal Experience Factor. Lets look at how that one can be a contributory factor in this section…..


In this section of this article, I want to look at how the Personal Experience of the user before and after visiting your website affects online conversion for your website. Follow me as we look at this together. Therefore , permit me to talk about how you can improve users personal experience for your website.


Every intentional visitor have expectations before visiting your website. In planning for user personal experience, you need to ask whether your website convey the unique selling proposition that users expects from your website. If you write an article for example, were you able to do justice to the topic. Does users leave your website with the expectation that they have learned something from you ?


This is another question that need to be asked. You need to be sure that your website is communicating properly with your audience. Were you able to pass the right message to the right person without any form of ambiguity. I believe communication has not taken place if your audience cannot understand the message you are trying to pass across.

conversion rate

You need to know if your website communicate the value of your products and services to your visitor. Your audience need to know some of the reasons why your content or your products are better than that of others. Without that, they may not appreciate the value of your products and services. This is another aspect of Personal Experience Factor.

Customer support

In using Personal Experience Factor, there is the need for you to support customers and go beyond their expectations. If you are into online business and customers have to wait twenty four hours before they get response to their questions that means you have not started at all. There is the need for you to find out what customers are looking for in your products and services. If you understand that, your next target should be to surpass the expectation of your customers.


Also when you want to apply Personal Experience Factor, you have to consider the structure of your website. The structure of your website is another factor that will determine whether users will visit again or not.  There is no point in having great content when your website or blog is an eye sore. In order to improve Personal Experience, your contents must be well arranged for easy navigation. It must also be easy for customers to pick products and pay for it without any hassle.


You need to know if your website engages customers and convince them to pay for products and services that you have for sale. This include telling them some of the goodies they stand to benefit if they purchase your products or services.


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 Having said that, let us now look at how environmental factor can affect conversion rate as well.



In the earlier section of this article, I have talked about some of the factors that affects Online Conversion . Follow me as we look at some of the ways that Environmental Factors can affect Online Conversion for a website. 


Product relevance
In customer relationship management, we always talk about the concept of Brand Promise. This has to do with what you promised customers they will get after using your products or services. The question need to be asked whether customers are getting what you actually promised them for your products or not.

online conversion


Conversion types
In looking at conditional factors for a website, you need to know that every websites have reasons why they are established. You need to know the objectives of your website. Is your objective to sell products or services or just to attract visitors to your website. Is it that you are just trying to generate leads for your website.


Product buy in and buy in cycle
When you are looking at conditional factors for online conversion, you need to critically look at your sales process. How complex is your sales process ? You need to know if your products need endorsement from other person in addition to other visitors ? You need to also know the time that it will take for an average customer to devote to your products or services.


Action Point

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