4 Major Controlling Tools In Information Security

Here are the four major controlling tools in Information Security…

In my previous article, I have tried to look at some of those attributes that will make home computers vulnerable. In this article, I want to look at the controlling tools that you can do in order to make your computer secure from the prying eyes of Hackers. Follow me as we look at this together.

#1 system access control
Under system access control, you have to ensure that unauthorized users do not have access to your system. One of the ways of doing this is by allowing users to go through an authentication process wherever they want to use the system. When they are using these controlling tools, they will be able to prevent themselves from malicious attackers.
4 Major Controlling Tools In Information Security
Another system under user access control is to force legal users to be conscious of the security of their system. New employees must be trained to follow procedures as regards the usage of network resources of the organization as well as other physical infrastructure.
#2 system and security administration
Users are also expected to perform regular system and security administration in order to ensure the security of their system. Such measures include configuration of system setting, implementing security policies as well as monitoring system state in order to ensure that they are in good order.
#3 data access control
In many organizations, we also have access levels which determines what data are available in an organization, who are those accessing them as well as the reasons why they are accessing those data. This becomes necessary so as to avoid abuse of organizational data.
#4 system design
This has to do with the deployment of various security characteristics in system hardware and software design so as to boost security and increase the longevity of organizational systems. Some of these actions include memory segmentation, privilege isolation as well as other maintenance procedure.

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