Analysing Continual Improvement Practice in ITIL 4

continual improvement practice

Analyzing Continual Improvement Practice  in ITIL 4


In this article, I want to talk about the concept of Continual Improvement in ITIL 4. Continual Improvement practice has to do with the process of aligning an organization’s practices and services with changing business needs through the outgoing identification and improvement of services, service components, practices or any element involved in the efficient and effective management of products and services.

continual improvement practice

Here are some of the steps that organizations follow when they are performing continual improvement practices…


#1 What is the vision

The first step that an organization needs to understand is the concept of vision. They have to articulate their vision. What is the plan ? What are they trying to achieve. The future is the destination. They have to write down clearly what they wanted to achieve. They must have a guiding principle that states where they wanted to be in a few years’ time.


2 Where are we now?

Apart from articulating the vision, an organization embarking on continual improvement practices and programs must know where they are now.? They have to know the difference between what they have done and where they plan to be. This will allow them to come up with practical steps on how they will arrive at where they wanted to be.


#3 Where do we want to be?

After we might have ascertained where we are now, we need to ascertain where we want to be. It should be stated that where we want to be might not be our final destination. Organizations need to plan on how to achieve bigger plans one step at a time. This will ensure that they finally achieve their corporate improvement goals at the end of the day.


#4 How do we get there?

After you might have come up with strategies on where you want to be, you have to plan on how you will arrive at your desired destination. This involves working with all stakeholders in order to ensure that you have a concrete plan on how you will arrive at your desired destination. You must have a workable action that you plan to follow in order to achieve your desired goals.


#5  Take action

One thing we need to understand is that getting to the desired destination as an organization or group is not by word of mouth. It has to be backed up with action. After the organization must have assessed the whole situation, they have to come up with long and short term plans that will enhance their improvement initiatives. This must be done based on the feedback that they are getting from their target audience.


#6 Did we get there

After you might have arrived at the desired destination, you have to do a holistic assessment of the journey. This will allow you to document some of the challenges you faced while trying to achieve your improvement goals. You also need to know that no matter what you have achieved through your improvement efforts, things can always be better.


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