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Analyzing Content Scheduling In Digital Marketing


Analyzing Content Scheduling In Digital Marketing

Content scheduling in digital marketing is the method by which content is uploaded for future publishing. Content can be scheduled natively to the platform itself or through a third-party application that you grant access to your platforms through.
There is a possibility that using content scheduling is being more efficient with your time, however, there are limitations, for example, Instagram content cannot be scheduled natively or through third-party applications at present.

Facebook scheduling:

  • Allows you to schedule images, text, videos
  • You can also backdate content and save as drafts.


Twitter scheduling:

  • Allows for scheduling of images and text only
  • Doesn’t allow for backdating of content

Presently no scheduling feature exists natively on Instagram, LinkedIn or Snapchat. Scheduling is available on YouTube, WordPress and Tumblr.

Free and paid content scheduling tools include:

  • Hootsuite: a great tool for starters on scheduling content and social listening combined
  • Sprout Social: a management tool that lets multiple users schedule, publish and analyze social media posts across several platforms
  • Buffer: you can add articles, photos, and video and Buffer will automatically post it to your social media accounts throughout the day
  • Percolate: allows for task delegation and content creation in addition to scheduling. With some time investment, this tool allows for a really dynamic outcome.

content scheduling in digital marketing

Benefits of content scheduling in digital marketing:

  • Time-efficient: scheduling a large amount of content in one sitting allows for time spent on other activities
  • Cross-posting (third party apps): some third-party tools allow scheduling of content to multiple platforms with a single click from their integrated approach

Limitations of content scheduling:

  • Inability to react to the world around us: in case of a natural disaster or tragic event, automated content may mean you forget to disable content which may be deemed inappropriate, however, the scheduler does not have the intelligence to remove this content
  • API updates: these often affect the third-party applications when the social networks change their security features which can lead to content not publishing


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