Analyzing Content Repurposing In Digital Marketing

Analyzing Content Repurposing In Digital Marketing


Content repurposing is the re-use of content that is still relevant through a different format that’s fit for purpose. It allows to pick up someone’s content and use if for another purpose. This is a way of taking people from what they knew to where they never knew. This will allow you to start with your audience from areas that they are already familiar with.

content repurposing in digital marketing

Benefits of content repurposing include:

#1 Efficient in resources

Just like the definition I gave, with content repurposing, you will shorten the time it would have to take to release contents to your esteemed audience. It will allow you to look at content that has been released by an authority and add your own perspective to that content. 


#2 Drives consistency of a general theme or message

Content repurposing will also allow you to have a general theme that your platforms revolve around. You cannot be everything to everybody. That being said, there are times that you just run out of content and you have nothing to say about that particular topic again. Content repurposing can keep you going as it allows you to have a critique of others view. 


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#3 Extends the lifespan of a content idea

With content repurposing in digital marketing, you can extend the lifespan of a content idea. You are able to discuss one topic over and over again. It also allows you to show your audience the perspective of others concerning the topics that you have chosen to talk about. With time, your own perspective will be known and you will be respected for it. 


#4 Reaches new audiences 

Having a content repurposing in place will allow you to reach a new set of audience. It will also allow some of your target audience who are with your competitor to discover you and relate with your content. Most time, when there are controversies, we will always want to hear the views of others. It might be a blessing to have a diverse opinion at times.


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#5 Increases organic SEO

Also, repurposing contents can put you in the spotlight. With it, even if you run out of ideas, you will always have something to write about. This will allow your content to start showing up in search results because you are contributing to the general body of knowledge.




The key understanding is that one topic can be explored in multiple ways.


A blog post could be repurposed as:

  • An infographic calling out the key statistics
  • A motion graphic that animates the narrative within the blog post
  • A podcast that discusses the topic in more detail
  • A white paper that outlines further research on the topic


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A Typical example of Content Repurposing in Digital Marketing


Every Friday the team at Moz create a great video showing digital marketing tips and tricks as drawn on a whiteboard. These videos are then turned into blog posts with video transcriptions offering them a three-pronged approach to the same piece of content and maximum opportunity to up their organic SEO.



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