Analyzing Content Promotion In Digital Marketing

Analyzing Content Promotion In Digital Marketing



Content promotion in digital marketing can be defined as the strategic approach to getting your content seen by a wider audience than your immediate owned channels in both the earned and paid space.

We’ll have a brief look at some of these earned and paid for methods.


Content promotion methods include:

  • Influencer marketing: the rise of Influencer marketing has become a trend in the past couple of years. It can be defined as the leverage of influential individuals to access their audiences to get your message or content to a wider audience. We will explore this in more detail in the next slide.
  • Guest blogging/takeovers: extends the reach of your content.
  • Tagging: involves tagging particular audiences or channels that may find your content interesting or useful
  • Affiliate marketing: involves teaming up with likeminded businesses to create content together for mutual benefit
  • Media partnerships: involves linking in with a media outlet to activate campaigns


content promotion in digital marketing

Influencer marketing can be used in one of three ways:


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#1 Media Channel

This is where the influencer is essentially used as a paid-for media channel to speak about your product/business. When you are using this technique, you actually buy airtime on a TV channel so that the Influencer can talk to people about your products and services. 


#2 Content Co-Creation

This is where you work with an influencer to craft content for your audience and theirs that adds value and takes into account the content behaviours of your influencer’s own audience


#3 Content Amplification

This happens when an influencer shares your content through their channels via retweets, shares or regrams. When you are using this method, you allow the Influencer to share some of the contents that are created by you with their esteemed followers. 



It is important to note that influencer marketing is still considered advertising content and as such needs to be clear that it is paid for if money exchanges hands, that it’s compliant with the advertising code for the specific vertical is within e.g. pharma or alcohol and lastly that it’s declared using #ad or #spon to make audiences aware that this is a paid-for partnership.


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We can attribute the rise in influencer marketing to the audience fatigue with traditional advertising, a distrust in brands and businesses and the rise in ad blocking by consumers. Brands and businesses are turning to individuals to get their messages out to their target audiences.

Here, a beauty blogger has co-created a post with a beauty brand. Notice the #ad within the post.


This is an example of where an Industry Influencer has chosen to tag Salesforce and Google in a LinkedIn post to amplify the content and extend its reach.


Why users share contents

Gaining shares and positive amplification in the earned sphere from social media users is beneficial for your brand. A study by Reevoo noted that 70% of consumers trust messaging from their peers over professional advertising messages. Shares and amplification of your content is a way to incorporate these peer endorsements to super-charge your content.


But what makes audiences share content?


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#1 Incentives

Some times, prizes are often one of the tactics brands utilize to get content/marketing messages shared. These represent opportunities to build your fan base, engage with your audience and collect data.


#2 Fame

People often share content with their peers so as to look good within their social ‘circles’. More commonly known as social currency.


#3 Utility

People often share content that is useful. As knowledge is the original sign of power and wealth, it continues to determine online influencers.


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