Managing Content Platforms In Content Creation

Managing Content Platforms In Content Creation


When it comes to creating contents, you are going to be using content platforms for content creation. You may have to share a single content across multiple platforms. This may also warrant developing one single message into different formats so that it can suit the platform where you planned to share those contents. At times, when you are doing this, you have to make sure that the messages are tailored to suit that platform. 

content platforms in content creation

Tailoring your content and platform usage to your audience will prevent wastage and make for a more efficient content strategy.

Key considerations for content platforms in content creation here are:


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#1 Content Need

Will your content add value to your intended target? is it relevant to the persona and is it constructed in a way that resonates with them and enhances your reputation with them?


#2 Audience Ecosystem

is the intended platform for publishing somewhere your target audience inhabit? Your research phase will let you know.


#3 Your Proposition and Format

is your content suitable for the intended publishing platform by format and tone? Is it clear what you want your audience to do as a result of seeing your content?

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First and foremost let’s consider platforms. This table shows the different forms of content and what works best on each individual channel. As you can see, Facebook and Twitter support the widest arrange of content types.


Making sure you’re using the right content per channel for your audiences is crucial in utilizing the platform to its maximum. However, it is also important to note that platforms like LinkedIn and Snapchat have their own benefits and niche audiences in contrast to the mass audience platforms of the big three (Facebook, Twitter and YouTube).



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