6 Key Metrics For Content Marketing Success

6 Key Metrics For Content Marketing Success


Key metrics to consider in your content marketing strategy include:



  • Reach: how many individuals see a piece of content
  • Engagement: the likes, comments and shares a piece of content gets
  • Sentiment: the negative or positive engagement users have with the content
  • Clicks: when a user clicks on content showing a deeper level of engagement
  • Conversions: When a user completes a purchase as a result of seeing content


  • Reach as part of content marketing success shows the total number of people who’ve seen your content
  • Impressions is a sub-metric within reach that dictates how many times a single individual has seen a piece of content
  • Reach can be gained by using the native reporting tools within the social platform


Sentiment as part of content marketing success is an important metric to track within your content to know if it’s satisfying your audience need.

  • It provides context to your engagements and allows you to identify how positive or negative your audience is reacting to your content
  • Tracking sentiment can allow you to identify issues with your brand or product early on to avoid a crisis by tracking recurring themes or negative comments
  • Identifying recurring positive sentiment towards specific messaging or content formats allows you to optimize your strategy to create more of this type of content

Watch out: sentiment monitors are often automated and don’t pick up on sarcasm so it’s always beneficial to do some manual checking on this. Good community management will allow for this too.



Measuring clicks on your content will allow you to assess the success of your content in driving to your website. Particularly if you have an e-commerce site these clicks can then be captured and retargeted across the digital landscape.

  • UTM tracking codes (Urchin Tracking Modules) allow you to use custom tracking codes within your content so you can correctly attribute each click to each piece of content. Setting these up is easy and using a free tool like Google’s Link Builder: ga-dev-tools.appspot.com/campaign-url-builder/ will allow you to designate different URLs for specific campaigns and platforms.
  • Tracking click attribution from content type, platform and theme will allow you to optimize towards the most successful form of content going forward.
  • Also linking the track of clicks in with your Site Analytics and overlaying data like bounce analysis (when people click on one page and leave) will allow you to determine if the right people are visiting your site or if changes need to be made to your targeting.
  • Tracking clicks right through to basket completion on e-commerce sites will allow you to identify the best content for driving sales and enable you to work out a true ROI on your content marketing efforts based off the value of a completed sale.


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Here are some tools you can use to track your key metrics for content marketing success:

#1 Native reporting

All platforms come with native reporting. Familiarize yourself with the insights panels of Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn to get the raw data from each platform as a starting point for any measurement.

content marketing success

#2 Sprout Social

A third-party tool can offer insightful reporting and package up data in easy to present or digest formats handy for external reporting.


#3 Buffer

Content scheduled through Buffer will allow you further in-depth insights as to the performance of the content and allow you to track this against competitor content.


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#4 Google Analytics

Using Google link builder and analytics hand in hand will allow you to track attribution right back to the content format to measure a true ROI on your content marketing.


#5 TweetReach

TweetReach will allow you to track the reach, impact and impressions of your Twitter content.


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