How To Connect Your Miners Bo BitConnect Mining Pool

Bitconnect Mining Pool

The BitConnect Coin will see more innovations and convenience features added. We are pleased to announce that Bitconnect Launching its Official Bitconnect Mining Pool to mine PoW BitConnect block.

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BitConnect (BCC) Mining pool is a way for BitConnect coin miners to pool their resources together and share their hashing power while splitting the reward equally according to the amount of shares they contributed to solving a block.

Proxy: No
Payout method: prop
Fee: 1%
Pay Tx Reward: Yes
Coin Diff Change: 2016
Coin Target : 150
Min Withdrawal: 10
Donation Adress: 8VKbzETBUDXeGeEC2kujSKE2kojK1e6HEm

How to Connect your miners once you have registered.

Getting Started Guide :

Before start mining in pool read term and condition-


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