How To Conduct A Content Audit Effectively

How To Conduct A Content Audit Effectively



After you might have created your content and you have pushed it out to your target audience, you need to continue to refine your content based on the feedback you are getting from your audience. In refining and auditing your content, you need to be on the lookout for some specific indices in order to make the right decision.


Here are some of the things you should be on the lookout for:



  • Measure specific moments in time for each audit and keep them consistent – e.g. one per quarter. You must have specific times that you are targeting or you wish to compare and decide on the traffic situations between those periods. 
  • Refer back to your annual goals or objectives and assess progress towards these goals – adjust goals if needed. Before you get started, you must have documented your goals, you need to find time to compare the goals and decide whether you have achieved your stated goals or not. 
  • Review the content formats and types over the past period and assess the successes or failures of these. At every point in time, you have to look at your goals. You must decide whether you are achieving those stated goals or not. 
  • Be sure to put a narrative around your findings and don’t just report stats. When you are doing your documentation, you must always add annotations that will let you understand what those goals represent. 
  • Review your other digital platforms e.g. website/shopping cart and assess the referrals from your content. There is a need for you to always review your channels and see how those platforms are performing, this will allow you to make changes based on the performance of those channels. 
  • Research into the various social media platforms to identify any new innovation to leverage. You need to look at the various social media channels that you are utilizing in order to access their performance. This will help you to decide on whether to rejig or close down some of the channels. 
  • Consider the successes or failures of your language/tone with customers. Every brand must have a language that they are using to communicate their audience. Content audit as a tool will allow you to understand the effectiveness of the language and revamp your content strategy. 
  • Review your social listening to determine if there’s anything new to be factored into your content. This will allow you to determine what you are doing right or not. It will also allow you plan ways of improving your content strategy.

Why a content audit is important?

Auditing your content regularly will assess if your KPIs are being met and if you’re reaching your business objectives. It also allows for helpful benchmarking on an ongoing basis.


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A content audit can vary from website performance to positive social content engagement. It’s also beneficial to review the tools you’re using, how you could innovate formats and if the language you’re using with audiences is resonating.

It is recommended to conduct monthly content reports. These would be a much more abridged tracker for you to keep on top of what’s happening in your content efforts month on month and can allow for earlier detection of successes or failures within the content. These are also handy for sharing with other marketing effort stakeholders within a business.

content audit

  • Key metrics: based on your objectives these could be: audience, reach, engagement, views, clicks, conversions
  • Most successful content: again, success here is determined by your objectives e.g. reach would be a good metric for brand awareness
  • Least successful content: look at this as an opportunity to trim the fat and eliminate what’s not working from your content plan – be as honest as possible with this
  • Learnings: how can next month’s content be better, are you noticing any month on month trends worth highlighting?
  • Aligning business activities: what else is happening in your business and how can content marketing further support overarching business goals?


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