Conditional Diagramming method in project management

Let’s look at the concept of the conditional diagramming method in this article…

These are activities that are linked together based on the conditions that are attached to them. Activity sequences that must be revisited or repeated are called ” Loops”, while activities that will be implemented only under specific conditions are called ” Conditional branches”.

conditional diagramming method
A Conditional Diagramming Method is a network diagramming method that allows for non-sequential activities such as loops or conditional branches.

Typically, activities in these type of diagrams are represented by rectangles decision points or milestones are represented by diamonds, and directional flow is indicated by arrows.

Conditional Diagramming Method, you should know to vary based on the method used. The most common conditional diagramming methods are Graphical Evaluation Review Technique and System Dynamic Models.

Here is all you need to know about activity and activity list in project management…

An activity is an element of project work that requires action to produce a deliverable. Activity lay the foundation for estimating, and monitoring and controlling the project work.

When we talk of activities, they are what you need to do in order to achieve a particular task. Two or more activities need to be performed before the foundation of a house is being laid.

activity list
The features…

An activity must have a time frame that we expect it to be carried out. That tells us that there is a time that we expect it to start or finish. It is also in the process of carrying out an activity that the 8/80 rule that I talked about in my previous article will come in.

Consumer budget
Another unique feature of an activity is that it must have a budget. You must know how much it is going to cost to complete that particular task. There must also be an individual that is been assigned to achieve that particular task. Once all that is missing, then it is no longer an activity.

Activity attributes…
Activity attributes contain additional activities in an activity list. The attributes describe the activities by listing the different components associated with the activities, which include responsible team members and the level of effort required.
Activity attributes are used to develop project schedules and select, order and sort out planned activities.

Action Point
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