What you should know about concrete web analytics

What are concrete web analytics anyway ?


Concrete Web analytics can be defined as the process of using online tools or other provided tools to examine the complete traffic pattern to a particular website in order to take concrete decisions as to how the website can be improved upon.



My discussion with people about concrete web analytics

I have had course to talk to many people who wished to engage me for Digital marketing. One of the questions that always pop up in their mind is “How do I know that you are working? “ What can we use to judge your work? “I have also always have cause to tilt my website just because the statistics am getting is not favorable enough. In this article, I want to talk about little facts that you need to know about concrete Web Analytics. Follow me as we look at this together in this article.

In check the state of everything as far as the analytics of your website is concerned, it is always a combination of many factors. Let us now look at this factors together.

When an organisation is planning concrete web analytics….

When an organization is planning to penetrate into the internet, they are going to make use of two basic methods which includes Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Monetization. When you are carrying out SEO, you are using your logic and your brain in order to make sure that your page rank higher in search engine results. We can also talk about SEM where you have decided to spend heavily in order to make sure that your page appear on search engine results.

Some also promote their websites through display advertising which are banners that are displayed on blogs and popular website in order to attract more customers to a particular website. This is another contributory factor to analytics.

 web analytics
In advertising, we can also talk of social media platform as a means of improving visits to a particular website. We normally refer to this as off page SEO when you decided to share your content on social media and this is now driving traffic to your website.

When you do all these, you will like to confirm whether your strategy is working or not. A concrete web analytics can tell you the demographic of your customers as well as what they are really looking for in your website. This will help you to know what to adjust on your website in order to retain more customers.

Performing concrete web analytics for any website must be carried out with the sole purpose of improving such website. There is the need for you to have documentation of previous traffic pattern of the website in order to compare and contrast when you are done with the assignment.

Also , web analytics tools might not really show you the intention of users visiting your website. You might not be able to ascertain why they are interested in a particular page. That is why you need more than analytics result to take business decisions.


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