The concept of internet security in IT Security

Internet security


Internet security is one of the constant headaches of internet users. This has become necessary due to the prevalence of hackers. Hackers are doing all they could to steal data and caused damages. That is why you need to be sure that all necessary tools are in place when you are online.

internet security

Internet security involves protecting users data from unauthorized access and damages when connected to the internet.


In order to protect your data from malware infection, there is the need for you to properly configure your browser. The option that you choose on your browser will go a long way in determining the level of privacy that you have. Do not forget that most of this browser has a default setting, which is not that secure. You need to readjust this setting in order to protect your data.


When you have a proper browser configuration, you will be able to protect your data from malware as well as protecting your personal information from third parties. This will help you in limiting damage from cyber attacks.


There are some attack paths that hackers can follow to attack your device. Some of these paths include:


#1: email

Email platform is one of the easiest ways that hackers can use to attack unsuspecting victim. Some are so careless with the email platform that they can give just anybody their password. There are some individual that allows browsers to remember their passwords. This is a bad practice that should be avoided at all cost.


Instant messaging

Another application that is prone to attack is messaging app. SOme due to their negligence as far as the messages they are sending are concerned has become a victim of attacks, There is the need for us to ensure that the medium we are using is secured. It must not be accessible to third parties and hackers. This will help in protecting and guaranteeing the integrity of data.


chat rooms

Another area where adequate precaution must be taken is when you are in chat rooms. There are some that so careless with social media and chat rooms that there is nothing they could not disclose to a total stranger. Some also allowed third parties to have access to their chat account. This is pretty bad, to say the least. You also need to be sure that you are not using the default setting for your chat accounts.


file sharing and download

This is another way that unsuspecting person can open themselves to attack from hackers. Some are not careful when they want to download. There is some site that is created for the purpose of phishing. That means they make it look like the original site but they are not. That is why you have to be very careful when you are looking for free things on the internet. 


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