6 Additional Components of Develop Project Management Plan

Additional Components of Develop Project Management Plan


When you are in the Develop Project Management Plan process group for a project, there are some additional requirements that are needed before you have a document that really works.


Most of the components of the Project Management plans are produced as outputs from other processes. Although, it can be said that most of the documents that you see in managing project stage are produced at this stage. Those components that are developed as part of this process will be dependent on the project.

components for develop project management plans

Some of the additional components for develop project management plans include: 



The Change Management Plan describes how the change requests will be formally authorized and incorporated for the project. This talks about what constitutes change as well as how new items will be added to the project after the baseline has been approved for the project.


This describes how the information about the items of the project will be recorded and updated so that the project will be recorded and updated. This will also ensure that the services of the project remain consistent and operational. This talks about how items can be modified and upgraded as well as how version control can occur for the project. 


Performance Measurement Baseline is an integrated scope schedule cost plan for the project work against which project execution is compared to measure and manage performance. This allows us to look at the overall performance of the project and compare what is happening on the project with what we actually planned. 

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This describes a series of phases that a project goes through from the beginning of the project to the end of the project. This starts from initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling and ends with the closing of the project. It can also be tailored to suit the need for a particular project. 



This describes the products, services or results development approach. It talks about the way in which the project manager has decided to follow in order to achieve the objectives of the project. This can include predictive, iterative, agile or hybrid lifecycle among others. 


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These identify the point in the project when the Project Manager and relevant stakeholders will review the project progress to determine if performance is expected or if preventive or corrective actions are necessary for the project. 


While the project management plan is one of the primary documents used to manage the project, the project documents are also used. These other documents are not part of the project management plan . However, they are necessary to manage the project effectively. 


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