/Five major components of Analytical CRM

Five major components of Analytical CRM


This article explains the five major components of Analytical CRM in a customer centric enterprise. Follow me as we do justice to this together.



data mart
A Data mart is a repository where data that are specific to a particular department in the organisation are kept. Despite the fact that every department in a customer centric enterprise have their central store, there is still the Data Mart which is specific to every department.

components of analytical CRM

data warehouse
Also , when we are looking at Analytical CRM, data warehouse  is a specialised repository in a customer centric enterprise where all data pertaining to customers interaction are kept until the time that they are been analysed by the organisation. All data from various touch points and well as other transactional data have their final destination in the data warehouse.


data mining tools

Under Analytical CRM, these are specialised softwares that are used by customer centric enterprise to analyse various aspects of customers data. The use of this softwares helps the organisation to understand what their customers have in common. One thing you should know here is that a simple software cannot do all the work, it has to be combinations of softwares for it to work. These tools are used to dig dip into data and come up with relationships that data have in common.


data enhancement tools
When we talk of Data enhancement tools, they are tools that are used to prepare data for eventual loading into the data warehouse. These tools are also used to remove unwanted data from the data that are going to the data warehouse.


business intelligence
Business intelligence provide access to hidden information about customers. They are tools that provides information to the organisations so that they can use the result of analysed data to make business decisions on the long run. it also has the capability of presenting result in a way that decision makers will understand.


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