Understanding Community Density in Audience Research

Understanding Community Density in Audience Research


Studying your community density can be a great way to understand how the market need is created and how best your product can be position in solving this problem. Multiple factors can influence community density, leading marketers to understand the true nature of the product need and its validity:


#1 Uncertainty

 There is a need for you to really understand your audience. If you really want to engage them, you need to know the reasons why they are coming to your page. Some of them are just looking for answers to issues bothering them. You have to know when users are looking for questions to be answered.


#2 Isolation

There are times that you can build an audience based on isolation issues. Some of the users on your page have issues that needed to be resolved. Some of these issues are so naughty that they are looking everywhere for answers to the problems. If the user has a specific issue they cannot resolve on their own and need validation or want to build shared knowledge.


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#3 Competition

At times, your audience might involve some categories of people who came to find out how your product is different from the one offered by your competitors. There may be conversation rising from a conflict in product use and users are debating on the best way to solve the problem.


#4 High passion

You may likely have an audience that has an emotional attachment towards your products and services. They are on your page to share their good news with others. When users come together to celebrate a product/brand and share extra knowledge and stories around their personal experiences.


#5 Shared experiences

There are some members of your community who just want to be sure that they have made the right choice. This category of the audience wants to reaffirm their experience and testimonies. This is common for users who want to validate their experience through the community.

community density in audience research

#6 Close contact

 community density can be built around an existing external community that is close and carrying out private conversations on social media. You can have some cliques in your community that consist of people that have some things in common. If you are able to deliver on your brand promise, you can have some categories of people who are ready to introduce others to your platform.


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#7 Unique identities or tastes as part of community density in audience research

Isolation can also come into play here for users who have a niche interest and look for shared knowledge and get a community experience around a theme they value. This happens when some people become part of the community in order to have more knowledge about the products and services that they want to know more about.


#8 History as part of community density in audience research

Community density can be increased by a shared history or historical period that they believe is of importance for them or the environment they evolve in. At times, members of the community relate based on their past experiences with the brand. As long as the organization can build on these beautiful experiences of the past, the members will want to continue to relish that experience.


#9 Time to kill as part of community density in audience research

Additionally, some density can come from users who spend time mindlessly by engaging in conversations they do not actually care about but use them as a distraction. There are some members of the community that are not engaged yet, some of them might have joined the page based on your social media effort. This category will take time to learn before they make any commitment.


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In order to narrow your target audience, you can use community density to analyze if the overall density is large or small, how are the community needs shaped (as per the above factors) and understand the audience experience with your product by giving you insight into the level of education, information and personalization you will need to use in your content and messaging.



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