How to Perform Cognitive Level Integration For Projects

How to Perform Cognitive Level Integration for Projects





When it comes to cognitive level integration has to do with the ability of a project manager to apply his common sense in order to ensure that his project succeed. Although a project manager might have learned a lot about project management. One thing is clear, the project differs from one project to another. 


You might be the project manager for a real estate firm. Let’s say that you have just completed the construction of 10 units of two-bedroom flats. If you are about to start another round of constructions, the fact that you are doing it at a different time entirely, the projects are different. You will need to approach it from another perspective. 


Besides, there is a common buzz word now, it is the concept of tailoring in project management. It is not all the processes and tools that you have learned that you will need to apply to a project. You will have to sit down and look at the project and decide on which of the tools and techniques should be applied to the project. If you are doing this for any project, what you are doing is what can be referred to as cognitive integration. 


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Cognitive Level Integration happens to be one other Integration process that a Project Manager must perform for any given project.

There are many ways to manage a project, and the method selected typically depends on the specific characteristics of the project including the size, how to be, and the culture of the performing organization.


It is clear that the personal skills and ability of the Project Manager are closely related to the way in which the project is managed.

cognitive level integration


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Cognitive level integration has to do with how the Project manager combines his interpersonal skills with what he has learned within and outside the classroom to determine how his project will be managed. That means the character traits of the Project Manager will always come to bear in the way he manages his projects. 


The Project Manager should strive to be proficient in all of the Project management knowledge areas in order to manage a project successfully.  In concern with proficiency in these knowledge areas, the Project Manager applies experience, leadership and technical and business management skills to the project.


Finally, it is through the Project Manager’s ability to integrate the processes in these knowledge areas that make it possible to achieve the desired project results. 



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