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4 Main Code of Ethics for Project Managers

In this article, I want to talk about the code of ethics that PMI wants every Project managers to imbibe. As a Project Manager managing a project, there is some manner of behaviours that you are expected to portray. PMI believes that having these ethical standards will help improve your Project success. Let us look at some of the ways this ethical standard can help you ran project better.

code of ethics

#1 Responsibility

The Project Manager as an individual is expected to be responsible. He has to be responsible for his actions. He should not be an individual that likes shifting blame. He takes the blame for the success or failure of a project. He is a team player and all buck stops on his table.

#2 Respect

It is also expected of the Project Manager to show respect as part of the code of ethics. He has to respect every individual that he will come across in the course of carrying out his duty. He should have a high sense of humility and respect stakeholders that he will have to deal with in the course of carrying out a particular project.

#3 Fairness

It is also expected of the Project Manager that he should be fair in his dealings with stakeholders and other parties participating in the project. He should not be discriminatory or judgmental. He should not engage in any activity that could jeopardize the progress of the project.

#4 Honesty

A good Project Manager is expected to be a man of his word. He should be trustworthy and competent in his dealing. He has to carry all stakeholders along in his operation. It is expected that stakeholders and team members should be confident in working with the Project Manager. Without this, he may find it difficult to achieve his project goals.


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