A closer look at service value in IT management

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A closer look at service value in ITIL


According to ITIL Consultant, Service value can be examined from two perspectives. It can be viewed in terms of Service utility and service warranty.


Service strategy value has to do majorly with the satisfaction that customers derived from your products. It has to do with what you have put in place to satisfy your customers. In this article, I want to look at what service value is in ITIL. 



Under utility and warranty, you need to think about the service been “fit for purpose” and “fit for use”. It must be available when it is needed.


Here are some of the facts that you should know about this concept.

service value



perception gap

The first fact about service strategy value is the perception gap. This has to do with the difference between what you have done and what customers want.


Most of the time, it is not that you will have a perfect deliverable but the difference must not be too much. That is why you need to carry your stakeholders along. You have to hold a regular session with customers.


The purpose of the gap is to close the gap between what is and what ought to be.



marketing mindset

As an IT Manager, you have to have a marketing mindset. The role of the marketing department is to create awareness about your products and services. You should not wait till you complete the product before you inform customers.


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I have said it that you need their input. You have to tantalise their spirit. They need to look forward to the release date


communication utility as part of service value

In project management, communication is very important. You need to put a mechanism in place for feedbacks. Also, you need to communicate with stakeholders in order to identify risks. Some are specialised in their own areas.


They can assist the IT Manager in identifying pitfalls. This will allow you to support the outcome of your projects. You also be able to mitigate risks that can mar the project.




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