Do you know that before, when you have a web page, you just need to pay for your page to be indexed? This does not matter whether your article worth it or not. That changes when Google came to the scene. In this article, I want to look at the concept of PageRank by Larry Page who happens to be one of the Co-Founder of Google.


PageRank was developed by Larry Page with the Patent assigned to Stanford University with the exclusive right to Google.


PageRank assign numerical weighing on every element of a linked set of document in the web . It looks at different web pages on a website and decide which one will come first before the other one.


PageRank measures the number of incoming links to your website. The more links that you have on your website. The more you will be ranked above every other website or blog in your niche.


One of the feature of PageRank is Google Toolbar which measures the ranking of a particular page from the range of 0 to 10. The higher the better.


We also have Search Engine Result Page rank which rank your site or page based on the number of times that such page appeared in search engine query.


It also has Google Directory Page rank which shows a green bar that display your level in ranking according to Google. The Grandmaster of the web.


How it works…

A value of 0 to 1 denote the probability of person clicking on a particular link and redirected to a particular document. Like I said, the higher, the better. Most at times, you would work towards a scenario where users will not have to scroll down before they see your link in search results.




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