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Defining Digital Channel Value Proposition in Digital Marketing

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Defining Digital Channel Value Proposition in Digital Marketing


Value proposition is an innovation, service or feature intended to make a company or product attractive to customers, giving them a selling point that sets them apart from others within their market or industry. The main focus of the digital channel value proposition is to make sure that you add your unique selling proposition that will make an intended audience to consider your product or your brand over and above other products or brands in your category.


In order to carry out the digital channel value proposition successfully, you have to craft the message that will resonate with your audience. You must have messages that appeal to the different stages of the buyer’s journey. This message must be unique and it must be able to convince the buyer to buy the products or services.

Value Proposition in Digital Marketing

Your customer channel value proposition needs to appeal to your target audience. Do not forget that your audience has a problem that needed to be solved. When you are crafting your digital channel value proposition, you must be able to let your audience understand the reasons why they need to buy from you. You have to be able to project some of the reasons why your own product is different from that of your competitors.


After you might have done audience research for your product, finding a value proposition for your products and services should be the next on your agenda. You should know that your digital channel value proposition will drive your message and your creativity. It will help to determine what you should promise your audience. There are four steps to follow when you are building a value proposition.


#1 Define the problem as part of channel value proposition in digital marketing

Before you can solve any problem, you have to really understand the problem. Defining the problem means that you really understand the problem as well as what it takes for the problem to be solved. When you are able to define the problem, that means whatever solution you are able to come up with based on audience research will make sense to your target audience.


#2 Evaluate your uniqueness as part of channel value proposition in digital marketing

Now that you have defined the problem, you have to determine how your product can solve the problem. You have to know how your own solution is different from all other solutions that have been provided. Why do you think your target audience will go for your solution? Is it that your own product is cheaper or it offers better quality to your target audience.


#3 Measure potential adoption as part of channel value proposition in digital marketing

After you might have defined the problem and come up with your own unique selling proposition, you have to determine the market size that you are going to serve. You must be able to predict how many people are likely to be interested in products and services. This will enable you to know whether the product will really be a success in terms of the revenue that it will generate for the organization.


# 4 Develop the selling proposition as part of channel value proposition in digital marketing

After you might have defined the problem and identify your market base, you need to now write down the solution. When you are doing this, there are some questions that you need to answer. Questions such as: for who is your product? What is the current alternative? What is your product? What does it solve? Why does it solve better?


A value proposition should read fluidly and be precise providing as much context as possible and proving the actual value of your product. It is the core of your competitive advantage. Here are some examples of value propositions for successful products:

  • Apple MacBook: Years ahead.
  • Vimeo: Make life worth watching.
  • Pinterest: A few (million) of your favorite
  • Salesforce: Accenture moves faster with Salesforce Lightning.
  • HubSpot: Stop interrupting. Start connecting.
  • Skype: Skype keeps the world talking, for free. Share, message and call – now with group video on mobile and tablet too.
  • Spotify: Soundtrack your life.


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