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How It Ended 3

As the police people entered , we tried hiding Lanre’s body under the studio table and no external person could know someone is under the table . Police beINg around got us so scared that we were shaking in our voice . Police came to the studio do some research about guys that smoke in […]

How It Ended 2

How it ended 2 Everywhere got silent instantly and I started sweating , we were like 5 boys ,in fact my birthday coming up turned something I forgot instantly . We don’t know what to do , we tried waking Lanre up but Lanre is gone . I wanted to call my mum and ask […]

How It Ended 1

My birthday is coming ! , I stay alone but I have a place where I do go to chill with friends , it’s a musical studio where guys come together and rock music . The next day ought to be My birthday so I decided to chill to the studio and alert my guys […]

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