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Solved! Windows unable to boot after update

what happens when Windows starts tossing up annoying error messages each and every time you try to launch the operating system? If you’re trying to log in for the day and actually do work for the critical deadlines you have, and you don’t really have an IT department to help out, this is probably the […]

Darkweb and Deep web explained

When most of us think of the internet, we imagine day-to-day activities like watching a video, checking the news or booking a vacation online. However, under the surface lies a shadowy corner of the web where terrorists, criminals, and whistleblowers lurk.

9 Tips to Boost Your Android Phone’s Battery Life

There are a number of factors that contribute to poor battery life on your Android phone. Thinner bodies, brighter screens, faster processors, more background software, and speedier internet connections all take their toll on phone batteries, which is why battery cases and portable batteries have grown in popularity. With Android 6.0 Marshmallow, Google added the Doze feature, […]

Ways to Increase AdSense CPC With Simple Tweaks

Having had two posts on Admob earning in our previous post, and the number of responses gotten from our reader, i see reason why i must post new trick to earning much per click on ad-sense. Although CPC is generally not much affected by the platforms on which ads are shown but you should try […]

Reapply for Npower if you did this during registration

The Covid 19 pandemic has brought numerous challenges but it is the duty of government to support Youths and to find jobs and accelerate efforts to provide an enabling environment for businesses to create abiding jobs and development. N-power has trained over 500,000 people in various areas – Financial literacy, digital skill, farming, Agro – […]

Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Technology!

Cryptocurrency  & Blockchain Technology! Today I will give a short introduction to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. The main focus on the introduction is on Bitcoin,  discussing it further many elements are shared by other blockchain implementations and alternative cryptoassets in The Technology. Before I conclude that Bitcoin has a wide range of interesting applications and that crypto […]

Anyone got a Bitcion Wallet? Introduction on Bitcion Wallet!

The Bitcoin wallet is a file in users’ file system. It holds public and corresponding private key pairs and transactions made from and to that wallet.  Also The keys are used to receive and send Bitcoins. Public keys are given to payers to identify recipients and private keys are used to sign transaction messages and confirm […]

Ethereum Currency Technology (New World Currency Technology)

Ethereum operates using accounts and their balances, that change via state transitions. The state denotes the current balances of all accounts, plus other possible extra data. The state is not stored on the blockchain directly, but it is encoded and maintained by accounts in a separate data structure organized as a Merkle Patricia tree. As […]

How to publish an app on Google playstore and start earning

It is important to know that our smartphone can do more than what we think it can do. Smartphone is really meant for smart people like you. Why wasting your time on unnecessary things, while people are making up to six figures monthly with just smartphone. Please read to the end. Note: image is used […]

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