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Successful Dog breeding activities require thorough care and attention throughout gestation. Also a proper preparation for delivery such as provision of adequate diet, clean and calm atmosphere and interesting attention.

Ways of preparing your dog for breeding


Ensure that your dog will bring you good breeding result. Examine the dog to avoid risk of passing genetic disease to the puppies. Behaviour can also be genetic in dogs. So, make sure that you are breeding friendly Dogs.



Be ready to sacrifice before breeding. Having puppies and taking care of them require a lot of time, attention and can be expensive.

Ensure proper medication care. Your dog should be vaccinated before getting pregnant to protect here and the puppies.



Feed reasonable amount of high quality commercial dog food. Homemade foods may not be suitable at this time because they often do not contain balanced or required nutrients.



Feed high quality puppy food at about 5th or 6th week of the pregnancy. This kind of food contains higher amount of protein, fat, minerals and energy will go a long way in achievement of healthy puppies.

Do not over exercise your pregnant dog. This is mostly important to be adhered to after the 6th week of pregnancy.



Isolate your pregnant dog from other dogs when it’s about last three weeks of their pregnancy.



Always consult Veterinarian from time to time for advice. If you have any issue, make use of the comment box.


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