The concept of campaign management in CRM

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Campaign management in CRM can be seen as the process for organisations to develop and deploy multiple -channel marketing campaigns to target groups and individuals and as well trace the effect of those campaigns by customer segment over time.
Campaign management is also the process of using different mediums to create awareness about your products and services. You now decide to monitor the results so that you can jettison those campaigns that does not worked and reuse those campaigns that works perfectly.

Tracking is one of the essential components of a good campaign management in CRM. You don’t just introduce campaigns strategy and sleep off. You must be able to know the Return on Investment of those campaigns strategy that you have introduced over a given period of time.


Tracking of campaign management in CRM provide the basis for justifying your past marketing activities when you document the results . It can help you document the results . Tracking campaigns can also help you to optimize present investment if you ever decide to adopt the same method again.


Tracking the success of your campaigns can and subsequent leads that comes as a result of your campaign will determine the result that are coming from your campaigns.
campaign management

Tracking the result of your campaigns will also allow the enterprise to change the campaign or reuse those elements that works in the campaign.

Tracking the success of campaign management in CRM….

Tracking the success of marketing campaigns will also help you in processing leads and ensure that the right lead is directed to the right agent that can follow up on those leads until the lead is closed.


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