Campaign Delivery Management In Email Marketing

Campaign Delivery Management In Email Marketing



The last thing to check before sending your email is that your email domain doesn’t appear on any blacklists. Multiple sites and tools exist to check/monitor IP and domain blacklists. It is crucial to check/monitor these for deliverability purposes. If your domain appears on a lot of blacklists, then there is little chance the email will arrive in the recipient’s inbox.


A tool called will help you check:

  • Your email address is on a blacklist
  • Your domain is not authenticated
  • Your email contains errors
  • There are no broken links.

campaign delivery management

Roughly 24 hours after the email has been sent, check the engagement of the campaign for:

  • ‘Good’ metrics: Opens, clicks, conversions and trends.
  • ‘Bad’ metrics: Contact churns such as opt-outs, unsubscribes, bounces and spam.

Your ESP should be able to provide a report on all these metrics which will help you improve future campaigns. For example, if you notice one of your emails had a near zero-click rate or a high bounce rate, then this could indicate something went wrong in the campaign which you should investigate before future campaigns.


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The last thing to review and manage after the email send is bounce management. In most email campaigns there will be a few hard bounces, it’s important to note that these are permanent failures and the email will never send to them so it’s best to remove them from your email list.

  • Monitor your email delivery: Track your email delivery rates by paying close attention to your bounce rates as well as your response rates.
  • Maintain good list hygiene: Purge your list regularly of invalid emails and non-responders.
  • Use double opt-in: Send a confirmation email when users subscribe to your list. This way you can ensure that the user’s email is not only valid, but that they do in fact want to receive your email messages.

By maintaining a healthy email list means you will have a better chance of getting your emails delivered.

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