How to calculate communication channels for stakeholders

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This is how you can calculate communication channels for stakeholders….

Are you a Project Manager? Have you ever execute a project only for one of your stakeholders to tell you that your need have not been met? In this article, I want to give you a simple mathematical formula that help you calculate the number of communication channels that you need to open for your stakeholders.
Stakeholder communication is so important that Project Management Institute has made it a distinct knowledge area on its own in the new edition.The formula is:n(n-1)/2
Where “N” represents the number of stakeholders that you have on your project.Let us now assume that we have 15 stakeholders on our project.=15(15-1)/2
communication channels

That means the Project Manager must make use of meeting, email, text , status update among others in order to carry stakeholders along in his project.

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