What business value is to Project Management

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One word that is very common when you are in a Project management environment is Business value. It is as if everyone is concerned about what value the project is going to add to the organisation. That is why as a Project Manager managing a Project, your eyes must also be on the value that the stakeholders wants to see at the end of the day.

business value

The business value of any project can be seen as the sum of all tangible and intangible benefits that a project will add to an organisation. It can serve as the reason why an organisation is embarking on project execution in the first place.

managing within framework

It is the duty of every Project Managers to manage their project within the framework of the organisation. As the Project Manager , you have to make sure that the same rules and regulations that applies in the organisation are also applied to your project. The same politics that guides organisational framework must also guide the project environment as well.

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