9 main objectives of Business Relationship Management

 Business Relationship Management


Business Relationship Management is the process of liaising with the business community in order to understand customers better. It is meant to create an environment where the I.T Manager can understand customer needs and wants. Without Business Relationship Management (BRM), the I.T department might not be able to create applications that will satisfy customers need.


understand customers’ perspective

Having a good BRM in place will assist the organization in understanding customers better. It is the front office that has been relating to customers. They knew what the customer want. They will be able to present the clear picture of what customers are looking for. This will help the I.T team to create applications that will be acceptable to customers.


ensure customers satisfaction

The use of business relationship technique in I.T Project will also guarantee customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction can be seen as the ability to surpass customers’ expectation. When the business community and the I.T team collaborate together, they can advise on features that the application should have. This will help the organization to surpass customers’ expectation.


establishing and maintaining a useful relationship

One other benefit of Business Relationship Management is that it will help an organization to establish and maintain a useful relationship. The business community will be able to serve as an interface between the customers and the I.T community. Through the business community, customers can provide feedback that will assist the I.T group in serving customers better.




This will help to retain customers and improve customer relationship. Through the business community, customers can request for features that should be added to the proposed or ongoing application.


Identify changes in a customer environment

One other benefit of Business Relationship Management is that it will help the organization to identify changes in a customer environment. Like I said, the front office has access to customers and competitors. They are more business inclined than the I.T community. It is their work to tell the I.T community what customers are expecting.

business relationship management

They can advise the I.T community about business trends that they should know about. This will help greatly in-app updates. It will greatly enhance customer retention in the organization.


monitor technology trend and impacts

One other benefit of Business Relationship Management is that. it helps the organization to monitor technology trend and impacts. The business community can now intimate the I.T community about what is happening in the business community.


 The funniest thing is that technology is not stable. Take, for example, Java applications are fast fading away. You need to keep yourself abreast of new technology in order to sustain customers’ interest.


meeting customers’ need

Another benefit of Business Relationship Management is that it will help the organization to meet customers’ need. They will be able to keep customers abreast of new developments in the industry. This will help the two teams to liaise together in order to improve customers satisfaction.


delivering of services

One other benefit of Business Relationship Management to any organisation is that it helps to ensure that service levels are delivered. There is always an agreement between the I.T community and the business community. With BRM, the business community will ensure that the I.T community delivers what they have promised to deliver. This will guarantee that customers get value for their money. This is very nice indeed. 


mediate conflicting requirements

There are times that many stakeholders have conflicting opinions as far as what should be covered in the I.T project is concerned. It is the duties of BRM to resolve conflicting issues. They are to educate stakeholder on the scope of the project. This will also guarantee that only what is required is been executed by the I.T team. This reduces conflict to the barest minimum. 


establishing feedback mechanism

Business Relationship Management also assists an organisation in establishing feedback mechanism. Through that, the organisation can get feedback from customers. This can now be passed to the I.T department who will now act on customers complaints. This will enable the organisation to sustain customers’ interest and improve customer loyalty.



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