How Business Operations Affect CRM Success

This article talks about how day to day business operations affect CRM Success…

In my previous article, I have tried to define customer relationship management as a set of tools that empowers the front office that is marketing, sales and customer service to work with the back offices and business partners in order to build a relationship with customers and do business from their perspective.

I have also said that we have three branches of customer relationship management which are operational, collaborative and analytical CRM. In this article, I want to talk about Business Operations and CRM Success factors. Follow me as we look at this important concept together.
How Business Operations Affect CRM Success
When we look at business operations and CRM, we are looking at how the front offices such as marketing, sales and customer service department are working together in order to do business from the customers perspective. It also allows them to have a common view of customers in the organisation.
What are Business operations?
Business operations as it relates to CRM Success are more than one tool or process. It can be seen as a set of processes and tools working with corporate information factory in order to ensure that both front and back offices work together in order to do business from the customers’ perspective.
When we talk of business operations, you should know that it falls under operational Customer Relationship Management and it is responsible for day to day running of business applications in a customer-centric enterprise. It helps the front offices to carry out their works and maintain a harmonious relationship with customers.
Business operations are tools and process that allows the organizations to open up platforms that allow the organization to open up channels so that customers can transact business with the organization the way they really want it. You should know that as a customer-centric enterprise, you are not to constrain your customer to only one place. You should be able to create platforms that allow customers to resolve their issues on their own and get in touch with the organization irrespective of their location.
Some of the examples of business operations that we can talk of including online billing system, order entry system, general ledgers, lead tracking software, inventory system among others which allow the organization to automate some items that would have been done manually.
I want you to know that it is not only front offices software that falls under business operations. Some back-office technology such as Enterprise Resource Planning Software that interacts with the front office applications can also be categorized under Business operations. You should know that it is from business operations that your back offices such as Data warehouse and Data mining get data to work on. there is a need for business operations and CRM to be integrated together in order to raise the exit barrier for customers.
There are also some external data that you need to use in order to make your business operations meaningful. Some of this includes demographic information, information about your competitors, data purchased from credit companies, emails, spreadsheet among others work with business operations. These are going to boost your CRM Success strategy.

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