4 Business architecture of analytical CRM

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This article talks about the business architecture of Analytical CRM…

In this article, we want to see the roles that analytical CRM plays in a customer centric enterprise.  I have already said it that Analytical CRM are applications that are capable of analyzing data generated by the front offices so that it can be used for making business decisions.

#1 Consistent metric
Analytical CRM with its consistent metrics helps organisations in developing relationship with customers. If you have analytical CRM mechanism in place, you will be able to know areas that you are falling short of customers expectation. You will also be able to identify areas where you are not able to meet up with their expectations as well. You will also see what you need to do in order to prevent customer attrition and increase customer repeat purchase as well.
business architecture

#2 Customer centricity
Analytical CRM will also help organisations to move towards customer centricity. It will open the eyes of the organisation to what customers are expecting from you. This will help the organisation to make the customer the centre of their decision making. Note this that you cannot make profit unless you satisfy your customers. When you are losing your loyal customers, invariably, you are losing profit.

#3 Different application
Analytical CRM always come in different variations and it cater for the need of different customers as well. It helps to meet the need of different customers segment in the organisation.

#4 360 degree view
Analytical CRM allows you to have a 360 degree view of customers because it covers interaction within an d outside the organisation. Through analytical CRM , you are able to build a mutually beneficial relationship with your customers and raise exit barrier for your customers.

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