How Business Analyst Can Contribute To CRM Project Success

Here are the ways a Business Analyst can contribute to Project Success…


In most of my previous articles on the required personnel for Corporate Information Factory, I have talked about some of the team members that are needed to build a successful Corporate Information Factory such as The Project leader, Project Sponsor, Technical Steward among others.

In this series, I want to start looking at the  Business Analyst as part of the  “Getting Data In ” team and some of the roles that they needed to play in building a successful Corporate Information Factory. I will be focusing on the Business Analyst in this article. Follow me as we look at this together.

Business Analyst
The Business Analyst is an individual that is responsible for giving advice on how the application will work. The Business Analyst dictates the quality that is expected of the Corporate Information Factory and how each of the components should be delivered across the organisation.

He should be able to liaise effectively with the I.T department so as to ensure that the right thing is been done. The Business Analyst should be able to communicate with the organisation on what he is expecting from the I.T department so as to make the Corporate Information Factory project a success.

His attributes…

#1 CRM knowledge

The Business Analyst is the mouthpiece of the organisation as far as what they are expecting from their customer service endeavour is concerned.

The Business Analyst must be able to explain in clear terms what the organisation is expecting from their customer-centric experience. That is why he has to be well informed in customer relationship management. He must know the processes involved in doing business from the customers’ perspective.


#2 Corporate information factory understanding
The Business Analyst must also have an in-depth understanding of how Corporate Information Factory works. He must be able to understand the benefits of having a centralized database of customers. This database contains your customer information. This will help him to determine how technology can be applied in order to do business from the customers’ perspective.


#3 Specific business knowledge
The Business Analyst must have a deep knowledge of how the three departments that make up the front offices works. He has to know how the three departments can be made to work together in order to achieve the organisation’s desired business results. Having this is not enough, the Business Analyst should be able to explain to the I.T department in the very way that they will understand.


#4 Analytic prowess
As his name implies, he must also be able to analyse the business process of the organisation and make sound suggestions and decisions on how the organisation can become customer centred. He must be willing to identify where the organisation is presented as well as identify steps that need to be taken in order for them to move to their desired state.


The Major challenges…
#1 Overall inclusion
Most at times, organisations, in moving from the level of product centricity to customer centricity do not really know what they need. In that scenario, there is a high tendency of including extraneous data that will later on increase cost and development of the corporate information factory. The work of the Analyst is to help the organisation to discover what is and what is not part of the Corporate Information factory or architecture.


#2 CIF component segregation
One important fact is that each of the components of the Corporate Information Factory has a department that it supports. The Business Analyst should be able to explain this important fact to the Departmental heads. This was to ensure that he buy in all the stakeholders as the Project continues. Doing this will help him to get maximum support for the project from all stakeholders.


Action Point

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