Blockchain Developer? Earn Up To $15k A month In Switzerland

Blockchain developer? Earn up to $15k a month in Switzerland

Wherever you look, the blockchain industry is booming. It may be most well-known for being the technology supporting cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, but its many benefits offer business solutions, such as record keeping, for many industries.
Even though it has gained popularity and even acceptance in some companies, it is still a relatively new technology, at least for the mainstream businesses. Because of this, the supply of qualified developers is not meeting the increasing demand.
We know that when a commodity is scarce, its price seems to go up. The same can be said for blockchain developers. They have highly developed and specialized skills, which are becoming increasingly in demand.
Switzerland has long been viewed as a crypto- and blockchain hub, even resulting in the creation of ofCrypto Valley, which, according to their site, is
“an independent, government-supported association established to take full advantage of Switzerland’s strengths to build the world’s leading blockchainand cryptographic technologies ecosystem.”
In its aim to maintain its blockchain hub status, Thomas Bertani, the CEO of Swiss-based Eidoo, has said that blockchain developers working in the country can ask for monthly salaries of anywhere between $10k to $15k.
Bertani explained:
“The reasons are:
1) highly skilled blockchain-experienced devs are very hard to find; and
2) Switzerland is well known to be one of the most expensive countries on earth.”
The country is a welcome alternative to China for startups hoping to launch their ICOs as the latter has banned these fundraising initiatives in their country. Even though ICOs are not prohibited in the US and the UK, there are warnings placed against holding them.
Blockchain Developer? Earn Up To $15k A month In Switzerland
Although blockchain-based ICOs are a core part of the industry, Bertani says that it’s ‘almost impossible’ to find the required developers as ICO companies who can afford to, hire developers on the higher end of the salary bracket.
Switzerland’s Federal Council had previously announced that it would minimize its entry requirements for fintech companies, making it even easier for the organizations, such as blockchain- and cryptocurrency companies, to invest in the country.
To achieve this successfully, some changes would have to be implemented. The council explained:
“Due to the rapidly progressing digitization in the financial sector, in particular in the blockchain area, it can be assumed that business models will develop which are not yet conceivable today. The Federal Council will follow these developments closely in the future and will swiftly propose the necessary regulatory adjustments if required.”
Industry growth, especially the amount experienced in blockchain, is exciting, opening up new avenues and possibilities in many businesses. However, as with most things, education is key. It is essential for the future, and even current, workforce to understand the implications of this type of technology, and equip themselves with the knowledge to be part of the supply of the present and future demand.

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  1. Thanks for posting this, I’m sharing this with friends and family that are on the fence about blockchain tech. Thanks for all this information, you’re such an articulate writer and I can’t wait to follow your journey and see where it takes you. All the best, man! I am also going to share this information with my friends and family. So thank you so much.

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