How to buy bitconnect coin for investment purpose

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This article talks about how you can buy bitconnect coin for investment purpose…


There have been many hype about crypto currency with many of them coming out almost everyday. One of the coin that has remain the toast of many in terms of investment and Return On Investment is Bitconnect. It is more of a coin that has a space for each individual that are interested in investing in this platform. You will never regret when you choose to invest in Bitconnect coin.


When you are planning to invest in Bitconnect coin. There are many thing that you need to take into consideration. You can buy BitConnect Coin(BCC) exclusively from the BCC exchange or other BCC trading platform.

The Bitconnect Coin exchange platform makes it fast and easy to buy BitConnect Coin(BCC) with your Bitcoins. Just follow the steps below and in no time you’ll have BitConnect coin in your BitConnect Wallet.
To start with , you need to Register an account on Bitconnect. It is very simple to do that. You just have to visit their website to get started.

After you might have registered , you need to go to the BCC Exchange page where you can begin your journey to investing in Bitconnect coin. 

The next thing is to deposit Bitcoins to bitcoin wallet by clicking Deposit bitcoin button. It takes approx. 30 minutes or more to confirm your deposit, after making payment to Deposit bitcoin address.

You need to know that the minimum you can invest on this platform is $100. If you do not have up to that your money will just remain there. I also need to tell you that Bitconnect will not make refund if you mistakenly deposit below what is required. It is better to plan to invest something above $100 for a start.

 Once you have confirmed bitcoin wallet balance, you can buy BitConnect coin with your desired buying rate from BCC Exchange.

(Remember: Your bitcoins goes into your escrow account until successful trade execution if your bid price is lower than seller ask price).




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